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Salads served with multigrain baguette

Salad Salmon

Salad, smoked salmon, horseradish-mayonnaise 10,00

Salad Chicken

Salad, stir fried slices of chicken, pineapple, cashew nuts, curry-mayonnaise 10,00

Salad Carpaccio

Salad, beef carpaccio, capers, Old Amsterdam, truffle-mayonnaise 10,00

Salad Goat cheese

Salad, warm goat cheese, honey, sun dried tomatoes, walnuts,  Red Onionchutney 10,00


Egg dishes      served with bread and butter

Three fried eggs “Grandcafé” style, ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms, melted cheese 9,50

Three fried eggs with ham and/or cheese 7,75

Three fried eggs with roast beef  7,95

Omelet “Voorhuys” Style 8,70


Soup      served with multigrain baguette and herb butter                


Creamy mustard soup with smoked salmon 4,45 / 7,25

Tomato soup with leek, cream and meatballs 4,45 / 7,25

Soup of the week 4,45 / 7,25



Royal toasted sandwich ham and cheese, curry, nacho chips 6,50

Wrap, oriental stir fried chicken, cucumber, salad, ginger mayonnaise 7,75
Italian toast, Panini, Mozzarella, spianate Romana, red onion, pesto, curry 8,50

Turkish bread, beef carpaccio, mesclun salad, old cheese, capers mayonnaise 10,00


Rolls with choice of white or dark rustic sourdough bread
Smoked salmon, horseradish-cream, mesclun salad 9,25

Sliced beef, onion, mushrooms, chimichurri salsa 9,75

Two beef croquettes (Van Dobben) 7,75
Tuna-salad, roast beef, tomato salsa 8,50


Chef’s Specials

Roll of the week

A weekly changing roll, have a look at the blackboard for the composition of the “roll of the week” or ask your waitress or waiter 7,25


Lunch “Voorhuys” style

Cup of soup to choose, jointly served with ham, a fried egg and a beef croquet on bread 9,90


Two fried eggs “Carpaccio” style

Fried eggs with carpaccio, witch’s cheese, arugula, old cheese 10,50


American Hot dog

100% beef hotdog, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickle, lettuce, old cheese, onions. 9,75


Healty Choice

Greek yoghurt, Granola, fresh fruit, honey 8,50


Bun citizens

Voorhuys burger                                  

Bun rustic, mesclun, beef burger, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles, union, tomato, fries, mayonnaise 9,75


Chicken burger

Blackbun, mesclun, chicken burger, avocado, beetroot, aioli 9,95


Ham off the bone

Bun rustic, baked ham off the bone, honey-mustard sauce 8,25


Goat cheese

Multigrain bun, goat cheese, honey walnuts, mesclun, red onion-chutney 7,95


Lunch main courses

Grandcafé-plates 16,75

Fried filet of salmon with French fries, vegetable trimmings and mixed salad

Pork escalope with lemon, French fries, vegetable trimmings and mixed salad

Filet of pork with creamy mushroom sauce, French fries, vegetable trimmings and mixed salad


Vegetarian- plates 16,75

(served with mixed salad)

Pumpkin risotto, porto bello, goat cheese, cranberries 

Pasta, mushrooms, walnuts, Cambozola 


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